Monday, November 19, 2007

Keel Foam

Finished laying down the foam strips and attached the keel foam today.

I cut a four foot section of foam and clamped that to the keel batten.  Then I took a Japanese-style pull saw (with a thin, flexible blade), and using the keel foam as a guide, cut the proper angle on the foam planks. 

After all the planks were cut, I slipped in the keel foam so that it was flush with the top of the keel batten.  The foam was about 2 inches high, and I cut back where the form frames interfered on the bottom using a Stanley Surform pocket plane.  By the way, you can replace the Surform blade with a Micoplane blade for better/faster results.  I finished up by screwing the foam keel in from the back side of the keel batten.

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Dave said...

Hi Jeremy,

I'm considering building an F-22 in the Seattle area. Any chance you need some free help? I'd love to come see your boat and lend a hand.

Dave Groshong