Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ordered Foam and Fiberglass

Ordered up some foam and fiberglass from Noah's Marine in Toronto.  My brother Andrew and I are both building F-22's at the same time, so we split an order of A400, A500, and A1200 foam.  We also picked up enough 12oz biaxial and double bias fiberglass and 18oz biaxial to finish the boats.  The carbon fiber and G10 tubing we need will be coming directly from Farrier Marine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Traced & Cut Float Patterns

Traced out the full-size float patterns that Ian provides onto the 3/4 inch MDF boards using carbon paper underneath.  Then I used my circular saw and guide to cut the straight parts of the float frames and a jigsaw to cut the rounded parts.  If you have the use of a table saw outside (with MDF), this would make it easier and quicker to cut the straight parts, as they are the same on each float frame.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cutting Form Frames

Cut all eleven form frames to final size of 22"x39".  I would normally do this with my table saw, but it was buried in the garage and this MDF is nasty stuff to cut inside.  Always try and wear a mask when cutting this material.  Although not the fastest method, I ended up using my circular saw with a guide.  Luckily I have a covered patio right outside the back door of my garage, which is perfect for dusty projects.  By the way, it's not normally this warm at the end of October in Seattle!