Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Foam Arrives

The foam and fiberglass arrived from Noah's Marine.  It took about a week to get here, which isn't too bad considering it came across most of the country.  Grand total was 875 pounds for the materials, including Andrew's half.

Also finished putting the spreader cleats onto the Strong Back at the appropriate spots.  The center string (see below) is used to align the form frames.  Adam is helping me with the drill/driver.


dscarty said...

My wife & I built a 44' Marples tri over the course of 15 years in the San Francisco area. Sailed her to Maryland through Panama. Great boat & voyage. Your sail plan looks like a fairly high performance boat. Your blog hasn't been updated since Nov. '07
Have you completed the tri?

Akoni said...

Hi ,
I used the mdf battens as well and today we fitted them to the first float.
I see you had a problem at the bow and so do I. They kind of twist and will not lay flat on the last 2 frames. Did you torture them into shape of just let them take that shape.