Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mobile Fiberglass Cart

Got around to making a mobile fiberglass cart today.  I decided to make it on wheels so that I could roll it around to the end of the Strong Back, making it easier to lay down a long length of fiberlass.  Or, I can roll it down the side of the float for cutting smaller sections of fiberglass.  Materials used were 3/4 inch plywood, scrap MDF boards from my form frames, 2x6's, and 2x4's.  Everything is screwed and glued, with construction adhesive holding the 2x6's onto the base.  I decided to use closet rods to hang the fiberglass rolls, but the full rolls (weighing 110 pounds) sag a little in the middle.  I suggested to Andrew that he try using the smaller diameter posts that are used for building a chain-link fence instead.

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